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Cleaning kayak - Laguuni Keilaniemi
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Please note that reservations for Itämeri Plogging kayaks are binding and they cannot be canceled. By booking the Fortum Cleaning Kayak, you commit to weighing, sorting and reporting the catch.

What is Itämeri Plogging?

Baltic Sea Plogging is a Finland-wide charity project that enables concrete cleaning of the Baltic Sea one kayak trip at a time. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to see and experience the Baltic Sea in all its beauty and harshness.

Fortum cleaning kayaks are modified for cleaning and have all the necessary cleaning and paddling equipment. All Fortum cleaning kayaks are twin kayaks (two people can fit in one kayak).

What do I need to bring?

You need clothing that are suitable for the current weather and a water bottle. In sunny weather, you should bring a hat and sunscreen. In addition, you need a companion, because the kayaks are for two people.

What does Itämeri Plogging resevation include?

  • a twin kayak (with a trash can)

  • instructions

  • 3 kayaking vests 

  • 2 paddles

  • 1 garbage pick up tool

  • garbage bags

  • 1 waterproof phone bag

  • 1 scale for weighting the trash catch

During July you will get a sustainable present after your Plogging-trip! You can choose one Lumme cleaning product from our info desk  <3

After making a reservation you get an e-mail that includes all the instructions needed.

Please inform us if you notice something missing from the equipment box: info@laguuniin.fi

Making Itämeri Plogging possible: Fortum, Polestar, Urbaser & Lumme.